Watching the Constitution Disappear

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by Joseph Smith
The President says the Constitution is defective, and now Senator Harry Reid is preparing the coup de grace.

Once Reid and Obama emerge from their transparent closed-door consultations on how to blend the two competing Senate Health Care bills, Senator Reid has a nifty parlor trick up his sleeve.  The normal course of legislative events would be to debate and vote on the bill on the Senate floor, and then send the result to a House-Senate conference committee.  The committee would then blend the final House and Senate bills into a product acceptable to both houses.  Unfortunately for the citizens of the United States, that normal course of events in this case would allow too much time for discovery and discussion, and it might therefore result in the public learning too much about the future of their health care.  Extended public inspection might even result in the bill not passing in the form desired by the President and his allies, or perhaps not passing at all.  
The American people have consistently rejected the left’s attempts over the past fifty years or more to impose their idea of health care reform, and might do so yet again if given enough time and information.  For Obama and his fellow travelers, therefore, time and obfuscation are of the essence, so why let an annoying and “defective” piece of paper like the Constitution get in the way of spiking government health care home forever.
The plan to railroad Obamacare through was initially reported last week by Human Events and The Heritage Foundation, and has now been confirmed by Senator Reid’s office.  Here is Senator Reid’s plan in a nutshell, from CNS News:

 Read the rest at American Thinker


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Gay Rights Supporters Push Anti-Bias Bill

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Reps. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., both openly gay, are pushing a bill in Congress that will give gays and transsexuals federal protections from bias in the workplace. 

According to Frank, opponents of the legislation frequently accuse the gay rights proponents of pushing a “radical agenda.” 

“Trying to get a job or join the military has not been the hallmark of radicalism,” Frank told the House Education and Labor Committee.

The military along with religious groups and businesses with fewer than 15 employees would be exempt under the proposed law.

But opponents warn the bill’s language is too murky and could lead to an explosion in lawsuits. 

“It does not take a legal scholar to recognize that such vaguely defined protections will lead to an explosion in litigation and inconsistent judicial decisions,” said Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., the committee’s top Republican. 

Craig Parshall, the general counsel for the National Religious Broadcasters, opposes the bill. He warned that it would subject religious groups to “a crazy quilt” of inconsistent court rulings and put a ‘chilling pall” over their activities.


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