Glenn Beck: Obama White House Thinks Fox ‘Enemy’

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Glenn Beck mocked the White House’s new anti-Fox News press strategy Monday, declaring that the Obama administration now believe the fight against Fox is more important than the war in Afghanistan.

Beck then displayed a map of Manhattan and circled Fox’s headquarters, sarcastically calling Fox “the enemy” as he surrounded the spot on the map with toy tanks and barbed wire. Later, he suggested that the White House was using “your tax dollars to target the media.”

Beck was responding to Anita Dunn, the White House communications director, who told The New York Times on Sunday that the Obama administration is treating Fox News “the way we would treat an opponent.”

Dunn said that administration officials would still talk to Fox, and that President Obama was likely to be interviewed on the network in the future.

But Fox reported Monday that the channel has been told by the White House not to expect an interview with the president this year.

Here’s what Beck had to say: at

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In Defense of Glenn Beck

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by Jonah Goldberg
For a self-described rodeo clown who frequently admits he isn’t that bright, Glenn Beck must be doing something right. A de facto leader of the populist backlash against President Obama, he made the cover of Time magazine, with his tongue sticking out no less. His books are immediate best-sellers. His radio and TV shows have stratospheric ratings. His one-man comedy performances draw packed audiences, and the proceeds from his numerous ventures have him making north of $20 million a year.

But perhaps his most impressive feat is his ability to unite a broad coalition of liberals, media scolds and conservatives under the single banner of Beck-hatred.

Now, before I proceed, I should disclose the fact that I like Beck personally and that his support for my book “Liberal Fascism” was a huge boon, helping to push it to No. 1 on The New York Times best-seller list. As a Fox News contributor, I have appeared regularly on his show. Whether that gives me more, or less, credibility when I say I cannot defend some of the things he says is for others to decide.

Still, much of the anti-Beck backlash (He’s an extremist! He’s paranoid! He’s hate-filled!) from the left is hard to take seriously. First, this is a crowd that lets Michael Moore and Janeane Garofalo speak for them, and that celebrated the election of unfunny man Al Franken to the Senate. If you think it’s racist to oppose Obama’s health care reform efforts, it goes without saying that you’ll think Beck is an extremist. This is what liberals always say about popular right-wingers, including Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley. For over 20 years liberals, including Presidents Clinton and Obama, have insisted that Rush Limbaugh is everything from an unpatriotic hatemonger to an enabler of domestic terrorism. It makes sense that they’d give Beck the same business.


Or consider Jon Stewart, the legitimately funny host of “The Daily Show.” Stewart is reminiscent of Will Rogers — a humorist who was nonetheless anointed by the National Press Club as the “ambassador at large of the United States.” The liberal establishment swoons over him. The Television Critics Association bequeathed its award for outstanding achievement in news and information to a show that isn’t even a news show. Times columnist Frank Rich seems to have a man-crush on the Peabody comedian, while Bill Moyers of PBS insists that “you simply can’t understand American politics in the new millennium without ‘The Daily Show.'” The hosts of NPR’s in-house press watchdog show, “On the Media,” claim Stewart as their role model!

Stewart’s M.O. is to launch lightning attacks as a left-wing pundit and then quickly retreat to his haven across the border in Comedystan, but Beck must be pelted from the public stage for blurring the line between theater and punditry? Really? Continued…

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White House Defends Attacks on Fox News: ‘They Will Say Anything’

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By Lachlan Markay
The White House is stepping up its attacks against the Fox News Channel, labeling it a bastion of stilted and opinionated journalism. A top administration communications official has called the Fox “opinion journalism masquerading as news,” and vowed to wage a war of ideas against the network.
Speaking with Time Magazine, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said that the administration intends to be “more aggressive rather than just sit back and defend ourselves, because they will say anything. They will take any small thing and distort it.”
    The White House blog has begun singling out and taking on the cable news network. Recent blog posts carry pejorative headlines such as “Fox Lies,” and “even more Fox lies.” Time calls Dunn the “general” of this anti-Fox campaign.
   White House bloggers have focused the most attention on Fox prime time host Glenn Beck. They have derided his “disregard for the facts” and his “attempt to smear” the administration for, among other things, lobbying the Olympic Committee for the 2016 games.

    Surely every president has to endure his share of intense criticism from those in the media establishment that disagree with him or his policies. So scathing critiques of the office are nothing new.

    Dunn, Gibbs, and the left’s anti-Fox crusaders would have Americans believe that the sort of ‘opinion journalism’ they are combating is somehow confined to the right; that conservatives, unlike liberals, will “take any small thing and distort it.” But the left certainly has its share of network television shills.

Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, David Shuster, and Chris Matthews, among others, have all partaken in too many instances of journalistic malfeasance and pro-Obama pontificating to list here. My esteemed colleagues here at NewsBusters have documented scores of such instances.

   So criticism of the president is nothing new, and it is non-partisan (that is, both sides engage in it). So why the sudden interest in countering messages from the right that can damage Obama or throw him off message?

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Beck speaks to 7,000 at Seattle: ‘The …

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Beck speaks to 7,000 at Seattle: ‘The American people have not surrendered’
In a sea of 7,000 fans, controversial TV and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck took his crusade to Safeco Field today, saying he is the voice of reason in a divided America.

By Susan Gilmore

Seattle Times staff reporter



Protesters and supporters of Glenn Beck crossed paths outside of Safeco Field where the controversial Fox News anchor spoke at an event sponsored by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.



In a sea of 7,000 fans, controversial TV and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck took his crusade to Safeco Field today, saying he is the voice of reason in a divided America.

“I am a flawed human being,” said Beck, 45. “But I’m in a position to ring the bell of warning.”

Beck, sponsored by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, came to Seattle amid a torrent of anger over his proclamation on July 28 that President Obama was a racist and that he believed the president has a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

Outside the stadium, about 30 protesters rallied against Beck.

Beck didn’t criticize Obama in his hourlong talk, and spoke more about how both political parties are flawed. “We send these people to Washington and they go crazy on us,” said Beck, as his supporters cheered and waved yellow flags with the words “Don’t Tread on Me.”

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